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coffee grounds

      Coffee grounds are created to help address the waste problem of coffee shops. Instant coffee powder production industry and household coffee consumption Bring it to experiment to find ingredients to form materials with the concept of BCG Economy (Bio-Circular-Green Economy), focusing on the use of bio-resources to create added value. connected to the circular economy and taking into account the use of various materials back to make the most of Under the green economy, which is an economic development that develops in parallel with the social aspect and environmental protection

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf designed coffee grounds test standard. Compressive strength 7.3     megapascal, 0.8 MPa flexural strength, biodegradable. Therefore it is 100% environmentally friendly.



Standard weight:

Color Longevity :

Water resistance :

Thermal Conductivity :

Tensile Strength :

Scratch Resistance :

Clarity :

UV resistance :

Tear strength :

Glossy appearance:

Sound protection :

Hardness :

Breaking pressure resistance :

Chemical Resistance :

Environmentally friendly :

Fire resistance :

Conductivity :

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brass thread
Khao Tam
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