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      Processing of lime (lime) or calcium oxide. that farmers commonly use for soil conditioning by mixing lime with a binder by pounding This will help the material mix well, have toughness and can be easily molded. When dry, it is dense, resulting in strength. Has the property to help adjust the soil balance to a neutral pH (5.5-6.5), which is used to adjust soil acidity well. Helps plant nutrients dissolve well Add calcium and magnesium nutrients to plants. Due to its alkaline properties, it can kill microorganisms that cause plant disease.

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b3b-136bad5cf_mix-test It is used with a pH value of 12.00 (with alkalinity), a water absorption value of 28.39%, a compressive strength of 3.89 MPa and a flexural strength of 1.83 MPa. It is naturally biodegradable. because it is a 100% natural material



Standard weight:

Color Longevity :

Water resistance :

Thermal Conductivity :

Tensile Strength :

Scratch Resistance :

Clarity :

UV resistance :

Tear strength :

Glossy appearance:

Sound protection :

Hardness :

Breaking pressure resistance :

Chemical Resistance :

Environmentally friendly :

Fire resistance :

Conductivity :

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